Privacy Policy

Through this website we do not collect any of your personal information unless you choose to contact us, in which case the information we collect is only that which you have chosen to provide in order to deal with your enquiry.

Within our Project Web Sites we may collect information that you provide in order to maintain your account and that is any Texts and Information about you entered by you

In some cases we may provide information such as your contact details to our third party partners, this would generally be if requested by you or we beleive one of our partners can assist you. Within some of our projects details  and informations that you provide are publically available such as creating Ads, Articles, Events or creating your content, within our dating and forum websites for example, this is naturally available to third parties i.e the general entire web and is outside our control as to how they use it. Please see the Privacy Policy of the individual 4ustralia owned website for it's relevant policy, There please find similar heading Privacy Policy that may assist further with your concerns

If requested by authorities such as police we will comply with local laws and provide requested information that we have associated with your visit, your account and account data. Likewise if we suspect you are committing an unlawful offence associated with your visit or account we may provide relevant authorities with information that we have collected as we see fit though we certainly hope we don't have to. This is the general rule throughout all 4ustralia Pty Ltd owned web sites we comply with the Laws of Australia and it's states and territories

Through this web site we monitor web visitor statistics. If you have visited a 4ustralia Pty Ltd owned website in general we collect various machine related statistics such as your IP address for traffic measurement and statistical purposes and even we may not be able to identify and seperate this data if requested by you

Through our Project Web Sites we may record system related information such as the last website you logged into, your IP address frequency of visits in general this is for statistical and charting purposes that we might use internally to improve our services for you

Unlike some that seem to Do do Evil as their general rule at the 4ustralia company we do our best to 

    • Always do good
      Put good above profit
      Protect our customers

And that is our primary policy

If we may be of assistance please Contact Us